Buwanga Way To Health Foundation Ltd is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-lucrative Ugandan charity organisation. It’s a fully registered and incorporated indigenous NGO with registration NO: INDR162955566NB and permit number INDP0005566NB.

Established in 2020, the organisation primarily caters for disadvantaged community members in targeted groups of children and young people of all ages, women, elderly groups, disabled people, orphans, deserted families and other unprivileged individuals of the society who suffer from unknown different diseases and illness to bring about positive changes in their lives through the creation of a sound social, cultural, educational, environmental management, modern agricultural models and health awareness programs, treatment efforts in order to meet the needs of the local communities in which they live. We go ahead and try to preserve their rights and teach them how to live in harmony with each other in their families reducing drastically the case levels of domestic violence, improve safety and self-confidence in citizens for food security, enhance their ability to make integrated and right decisions about their health through the varied established programs undertaken by the organisation; this helps them to physically, psychologically, morally, intellectually, traditionally manage their lifestyle to grow, interact and thrive in their communities happily.

Registered Offices

The registered office of Buwanga Way to Health Foundation is located in Manafwa District, Masaka town council, Bumulekhwa cell, in the eastern Republic of Uganda and the Postal Address is P.O Box 2140 Mbale.


A community with healthy and productive members.

Mission Statement

Buwanga Way to Health Foundation is dedicated to cultivating a healthy liberated community, for a better future by enabling them to live and attain quality life.


  • To provide healthcare services and health education to the community through their full participation.
  • To enhance community capacity for food production and food security, for good nutrition.
  • To promote conservation of the natural environment by planting trees.

Previous Work

Flood Relief Food Distribution

Flooding, sacks of food, distribution of food and seedlings

World Sight Day

Celebration of World Sight Day - Theme: Make everyone love his or her eyes

Medical Camp Report

Free Medical Camp 16 September 2022


People We Helped

Ben, Mrs. Alice, Balira, Hezekiah

Latest Videos


Photographs of the mill house being built and the architect’s designs are available here.