Medical Camp Report

Project report about a one-day medical camp and launch of Buwanga Way to Health Foundation held on 16th September 2022

Report prepared by: Mr. Wefwafwa Andrew, Chief Executive Director, Buwanga Way To Health Foundation

Report reviewed by: Dr. Wenani Daniel, District Health Officer, Manafwa


Buwanga Way To Health Foundation Ltd is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-lucrative Ugandan charity organisation. It’s a fully registered and incorporated Community Based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with registration number: MNF/367 found in Masaka town council, Bumulekhwa cell, Manafwa district.

Established in 2020, the organisation primarily caters for disadvantaged community members in targeted groups of children and young people of all ages, women, elderly groups, disabled people, orphans, deserted families and other unprivileged individuals of the society who suffer from unknown different diseases and illness. The aim is to bring about positive changes in their lives through the creation of a sound social, cultural, educational, environmental management, modern agricultural models and health awareness programs and treatment efforts in order to meet the needs of the local communities in which they live.

We organised a one-day Medical Camp in order to extend basic medical services to local poor who cannot afford it and used the same day to officially launch the organisation to the public.

Objectives of the Camp

  • To officially launch Buwanga Way To Health Foundation and its services in the community
  • To provide free basic health care and high quality medical check-ups to the people of Manafwa and surrounding areas


The medical camp idea was as a result of outcry and medical conditions of our people in the community who were stricken by the COVID-19 economic crisis and therefore lacked money to access medical check-ups and treatment from the few distant health facilities in Manafwa, as observed during our health education community outreaches. Therefore, we convinced our partners, friends and the community to help us extend this service to the community on our launch.

In our preparations we targeted to host political leaders of Bugisu region, health teams from Mbale regional referral hospital, friends, VHTs, donors, NGO leaders, religious representatives to grace the ceremony and this group received invitations one month prior to the due date of the event. Mind while the camp was interested to render services that included dental, orthopaedic, pharmaceutical, reproductive health, eye and ear, nose, throat check-ups and treatment to all categories of people but more so the poor, disabled, women, the orphans and elderly who are indeed vulnerable.

The setup of the camp was majorly organised by the 60-member medical team who clearly indicated different health departments using the raised tents and the partially finished building of the organisation and patients were attended on by registering them and following the protocols that were laid down. This was frequently guided by master of ceremony on the public address system.

An estimated total of 23 million shilling was used in the ceremony and this finance was solicited from friends, the organisation and some aid volunteer work from Reproductive Health Uganda.

Key findings/Achievements/Lessons learnt

During the event we managed to host 60 guests out of the 75 invitations that included politicians from the district local government of Manafwa and Mbale, friends from the UK, district health officer Manafwa district, permanent secretary Ministry of health and VHT members.

We managed to handle a majority of the clients – about 95% of them were examined and treated.

Drugs were distributed to patients up to late hours, around 8:30pm and there was excess left.

We successfully launched our organisation and laid a foundation stone by our friends Dr Campbell John (UK) and Mr Wefwafwa Andrew (UG).

Our medical team handled cases successfully and were well facilitated.

We recorded 2,500 patients surpassing our target of only 2,000 patients.

Table 1: Different cadres of health workers who participated at Buwanga Way To Health Foundation Medical Camp

2Clinical Officers30
4Lab Technicians06
7Medical officers04
8VHT members12

Table 2: Health conditions/cases/tests that were handled at Buwanga Way To Health Foundation Medical Camp

Health conditions/cases/testsNumber of cases handled
Dental Cases101
HIV testing and counselling114
Laboratory Tests1200
General Medical Conditions1523
Eye cases100
ENT Cases30
Orthopaedic cases50
Reproductive health64

Challenges we encountered during the Camp

  • The poor road infrastructure exacerbated by the heavy rains of the day made a difficulty in accessibility to the Camp site by the staff and clients.
  • There was inadequate food to cater for an overwhelmingly increasing number of clients and guests.
  • Limited staff to accommodate over 2,500 patients who covered the whole tents, this created congestion at service points.
  • Inadequate infrastructure and medical equipment for the huge numbers of clients.
  • Limited capacity to handle complicated medical cases. These were referred for appropriate care through the referral system.
  • Inadequate financing for the Medical Camp to increase coverage to a wider catchment area and range of health care for protracted period of time other than a mere single day.


  • There is need to enter a Memorandum of Understanding with Manafwa District Local Government as an NGO for proper coordination, harmonisation into the district health services.
  • We look to registration as a PNFP health facility with the advice and guidance of the District Health Officer and MOH.


Glory goes to the Almighty Creator of the universe for giving us life and making this day fruitful. Special thanks and recognition to the medical team, Reproductive Health Uganda team, our guests who visited us from the UK led by Dr. John Campbell, the Chief Executive Officer of Buwanga Way To Health Foundation, Mr Wefwafwa Andrew for their financial contribution and selfless services rendered towards the function.

The political leaders, Village Health Teams (VHTs), religious leaders, District Health Officer, Manafwa district, Dr. Wenani Daniel, and representatives from the Ministry of Health (MOH) for their efforts they rendered to ensure the day was a success.

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